Senator Joyce calls environmentalists Nazis

Senator Barnaby Joyce


Australia’s Senator Barnaby Joyce is making his stance on an emissions trading scheme very clear. AAP today quote the Senator calling global warming theory “eco-totalitarianism” and compares the shunning and hushing of  anyone refuting an emissions trading scheme to the totalitarianism of the Nazi era. The following is an extract from the item on


Environmentalism is like Nazism – Joyce

Article from: AAP January 14, 2009 08:23am

NATIONALS firebrand Barnaby Joyce has launched a fresh attack on emissions trading, drawing parallels between environmentalists and Nazis.

Senator Joyce warned of the rise of “eco-totalitarianism” and said he would not be “goosestepping” along with them.

The Federal Government plans to start emissions trading in 2010 to reduce carbon pollution and take up the fight against climate change.

“The idea that this scheme can go forward and no one’s allowed to question because there’s a new form of eco-totalitarianism that demands blind obedience, I think that is wrong,” the Nationals Senate leader said on ABC radio today.

“One has to fall into lockstep, goosestep and parade around the office ranting and raving that we are all as one?”

He has also written to farmers expressing his views. Refer my post Senator Barnaby Joyce on Climate Change and ETS. I am no fan of the concept either as you may have gathered from Emissions Trading Scheme Does not Make Ecocnomic Sense.

I consider myself an environmentalist, but I am against an emissions trading scheme. I am also against anyone trying to tell me what I should think. So I get where he is coming from.

 Most blogs I have read have a very genteel code of behaviour. If you don’t agree, you say so – politely. In the “in your face” world of politics, it is another matter. Behaviour in Parliament in Western societies would be considered obscenely rude in some other countries.

Also, some global warming alarmists are so absorbed by their beliefs that they will attack anyone who dares to differ. You have to sympathise with them a little – they really believe Al Gore et al and that the world will become inhabitable and life as we know it will cease because of CO2 emissions. If you think your life is threatened you do tend to get a bit tense.

In summary – global warming alarmists, please keep your insults and belittlements to yourself. No one likes being told what to think or that they are too stupid to understand. Open, frank but polite debate is needed with people from both sides of the argument respecting the other’s right to an opinion – even if they are wrong!


4 Responses

  1. […] trading scheme was the “ultimate socialist outcome”, whereas today he compares eco-totalitarians with goose-stepping Nazis. Maybe next week he will mention that the installation of a solar panel has all the hallmarks of […]

  2. The good Senator has had a lot of reactions to his alleged comments.

    Do you mean I should reconsider installing the solar panels I am about to buy?? 😉

  3. If the likes of Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen ( I do wish some commenators had enough knowledge of history and the man to at least be able to spell his name correctly), the New Zealand born former, greatest and longest serving Premier of Queensland (19 years), who had the foresight, determination and fortitude to build the dams that now mostly hold the water supplies of drought-stricken SE Qld, is now compared to Barnaby Joyce then I welcome with open arms the likes of such good and well-meaning community minded people as Senator Joyce.

    Detracting and name calling on a blogsite is easy- getting things done for the community is another matter and is not so easy. I do wish those who criticize others would first furnish their own record of contributions to the community.

    Bushie from Burnett ( the home of Sir Joh)

  4. I think it’s great. Trust good ol Barnaby Joyce to break up the Coalition, by revealing himself to be crank conspiracy theorist, whose at odds with the overwhelming majority of the Australian population (not to mention the majority of the world’s scientists).

    I hope he keeps voicing his opinions louder and louder. That way more an more coalition MPs will consider backing the ETS just to distance themselves from him.

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