Greenhouse gases found on Mars

Mars from HubbleThe American Thinker yesterday posted a very interesting article, Martian Methane Suggest Solar Induced Global Warming.

Here are some snippets, but go to the article link above to read the whole thing.

A group associated with NASA`s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, using NASA`s Infrared Telescope Facility at Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii discovered plumes of methane in the Martian atmosphere over several seasons of observations. Methane is a gas normally produced by biological or volcanic processes-something not believed possible on Mars, which is considered both biologically and geologically dead.

And …

Mars has been warming for some time, and, just as we are told by the global warming alarmists that a warming Earth will result in the release of methane trapped in polar permafrost, so too it seems likely that methane produced via geological activity in the past could be released into the Martian atmosphere.

And ….

If Martian global warming and the release of methane is driven by solar activity rather than human industrial emissions, doesn`t this argue for similar effects on the Earth, which is much closer to the sun than Mars, after all?  Do we take make the enormous investments to reduce our industrial emissions if the cause of the Earth`s warming is outside of our control? But then, we wouldn`t need a worldwide socialist system, now would we!

The evidence for solar induced climate change (both warmer and cooler) is mounting up.


4 Responses

  1. Is the sun getting warmer?????

  2. Is the sun getting warmer??

  3. There are a number of different ways in which solar activity affects our climate. These include solar flares, solar wind, solar radiation, the distance from the sun as our orbit varies, the influence of other suns as our solar system moves through different parts of the Milky Way, ……..

    One very interesting theory in climate science that seems to have greater correlation than CO2 levels, is that the Earth’s climate is influenced by the varying combinations of these cycles. The reason I pointed out that the Mars methane observations reported on were in 2003 is that the Sun has entered a less active period since then – thus the Earth’s temperature has been a little lower in 2008 in particular.

  4. I believe the Ozone Layer, the Earth’s Magnetic Field, the Sun’s Magnetic Field, the tilt of the Earth’s Axis, periodic wobbles in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, periodic wobbles in the Sun’s own orbit around itself, Intergalatic Solar and Particle Winds are just part of an almost endless list of known reasons or influences ( probably many more yet to be discovered) for the constant change in the Earth’s climate.

    Ah, sadly the sceptics’ sceptics just wont accept any of these. Now I must return to my corner and continuing kissing my posterior goodbye.

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