Climate change blamed again – this time for NY plane ditching

Photo of birds in new wetlands from Port of Brisbane Authority website

Photo of birds in new wetlands from Port of Brisbane Authority website

Why is almost every negative event blamed on climate change? Times on line has an article The US Airways Crash: A Growing Bird Hazard which includes the comment:

… habitat destruction and climate change have disrupted migratory patterns.

Why on earth slip climate change in there? While we are at it, while habitat destruction is part of the problem, habitat replacement is another part. Environmentalists have busily convinced government and industry to protect or replace wildlife habitat. In some cases this has been very successful.

An example of government and industry replacing wildlife habitat is the Port of Brisbane Corporation. In reclaiming more land upon which to extend the Port of Brisbane, several “ponds” have been created which over the years have become a new home to dozens of species of birds, and a new resting place for migratory birds. The Port of Brisbane Corporation is very proud of their new “wetlands”, even though they were created as an accidental by-product of the port extension.

However, there could be a flip side to this. The Brisbane Airport is right beside the Brisbane River, and hundreds of planes a day fly over the mouth of the Brisbane River. Is another Flight 1549 incident just waiting to happen at Brisbane?

While it is good that wildlife have alternate habitat, it needs to be wisely placed. Being crunched by jet engines isn’t very good for birds, and could also end up being fatal for people.


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  1. There is much similarity between with Flight 1549 and the Climate Change/Global Warming Theory. One has crashed and one is about to crash.

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