Coalition joins the climate change fight – but without an ETS?

The Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, is quoted by The Australian as giving a speech which attacks the Australian Government’s malcolm-turnbullunbalanced focus on an emissions trading scheme as a means of addressing man’s influence on the climate. Instead Mr Turnbull states that a Coalition Government would focus on replacing old technology with new.

“An ETS is not an end to itself,” Mr Turnbull will argue. “It’s only part of the solution – one tool in the climate policy tool box and, in fact, no solution at all without new energy sources and new low-emissions technology.”

“Our Green Carbon Initiative will ensure Australia is able to achieve greater reductions in carbon dioxide than those proposed by Mr Rudd, at relatively low cost and with enormous additional benefits to our own country’s environment.”

Hooray! At least part of the message is getting through to the politicians. Also, thank you to readers who have sent copies of my posts to politicians. Suddenly there is a risk-management focus on the climate change debate….

But Mr Turnbull will assert that action on climate change is not a matter of belief or non-belief in the science but a wise exercise in risk-management.

Clever political move Mr Turnbull. Most Australians ARE concerned with the environment. With our abundance of open space, Australians are probably more environmentally aware than other people.

However, Australians are not convinced that another socialist experiment is in anyone’s best interests. The US sub-prime mortgage market was one such experiment, and that triggered the current global economic crisis.

I posted on a risk management view of an ETS in Australia headed for economic strife, but still wants a an Emissions Trading Scheme?

Personally, I support moves to actually protect our environment and have lower human impact on the world we live in – regardless of whether man-made CO2 is causing global warming. (And I still have stuff to readnsay on that topic too!)

3 Responses

  1. This old dodger from the bush has been inundating ( now there’s a word weather-wise) Mr Turnbull with arguments against climate change/global warming since the day he took the Crown of the Opposition. Whatever one may say of him at least I have received a reply either from him or his office to every one of the daily numerous e-mails sent by me. This is in stark contrast to the Labor Government and its Ministers who have made NO reply at all at all to any of so many my e-mails over the past 12 months or so. I am not a Liberal supporter but must take my hat off to Mr Turnbull for replying in the first place and secondly taking heed ot the message. There’s hope yet. in the old boy, (him, not me).

  2. Thank you Bushie.

    I have had replies from Labour MP’s to other topics. Mind you I am registered in an electorate held by Labour. I assume Burnett is held by the National Party.

    To them it is all about votes.

  3. No. Burnett is a district, a placename which is not renamed by a change in demographics. My State electorate is Callide held by Jeff Seeney of the LNP and the National electorate is Flynnn held by Labor.

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