Demonising Carbon

Published at the request of Viv Forbes: “Demonising Carbon – a Death Wish?”   A statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition. 9 March 2009   The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on all parties in the looming state election to make a clear statement on their policies regarding Emissions Trading and […]

Seriously worser

 This one from American Thinker caught my eye –   Global Warming: Seriously Worse than Worse Larrey Anderson An IPCC spokesman has now made it clear: Global warming is seriously worse than everything else anywhere and always that ever was bad. Worser than that. Chris Field is the IPCC panel member. Reuters quotes Field as saying, […]

Captain Bligh sets sail to “rob the treasury” in Canberra

Reader Bushie from Burnett sent in this little ditty and the associated press item from The Courier Mail: With the Ship of State virtually rudderless, Captain Bligh is off to rob the treasury in Canberra. With the economic storm worsening and as the Ship flounders towards the reef (Election date), the captain and crew are […]

Hansen’s former boss is a global warming sceptic!

In case you haven’t read it elsewhere, here is a copy of an item on the website of the US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works. It speaks for itself and is chock-a-block full of interesting references and links. James Hansen’s Former NASA Supervisor Declares Himself a Skeptic – Says Hansen ‘Embarrassed NASA’ January […]

Need a laugh? – Leprechauns cause Global Warming!

Thank you to Jennifer Marohasy for posting this theory which originated from The Blackboard. Check out Leprechauns Cause Global Warming?

Professor Will Alexander says he has proven AGW is not the main player in climate change

Now you have to admit this story has WOW factor. I have copied it straight off An Honest Climate Debate’s website. Just click the website name and that will take you there. He has heaps of other very interesting stuff on his website. The reason I have copied this in full is because the contributor […]

Vote of no confidence for temperature charts – part 2

An obvious argument I forgot in my first post, Vote of no confidence for temperature charts ………. No GISS measurements over water The GISS weather stations are located on land. None of these weather stations measure the temperature on 70% of the earth’s surface which is water! Who is GISS anyway? GISS is a part of […]

The “Move to Darwin” because of climate change original story

I was immediately drawn to the headlines such as “Move north to escape climate change” this morning. Being a born sceptic, I looked up Australian National University’s website to see what Dr Burrows said. This is what I found, headlined “New Ice Age maps point to climate change”: Monday 19 January 2009 Image courtesy Dr […]

How an ETS would create economic chaos

The news is full of reports of demand for oil dropping and predictions that it will continue to fall during 2009 due to the economic crisis, such as in Reuters 16 January 2009. The same economic factors are in play now as would be under a global emissions trading scheme, just the influence would be […]

Coral bleaching and ocean acidification

Global warming alarmists make much of how there are greater expanses of corals bleaching and the oceans are becoming more acidic. Besides the fact that man is not causing the Earth to warm by CO2 emissions, it could be that there is nothing to worry about in these two events. One is a survival mechanism […]