David Bellamy’s price of dissent on global warming

The Australian newspaper has published David Bellamy’s “The price of dissent on global warming“.

PLEASE read this article! This is one person’s description of what happened when he dared to voice his opinion about the global warming retoric. This man is well known for his concern for the environment and the living creatures on this planet.

If this very public fugure has been shunned by the AGW supporters to the extent that his opinion is now blocked from the rest of the world, how many other respected people are in a similar position, but we don’t know about them because they have not had the same public profile in the past?

I thought that science was about critical examination of all the evidence, not supporting politically acceptable views at the time?

How will democracy survive if people’s views and opinions are hushed up? The increasingly popular line that the global warming science is too technical for ordinary people, so we should all just listen and believe what we are told is chilling. (Pardon the unintended pun.) Dictatorships and other people control doctrines are based on this line of argument.

Politicians take note
I think and I vote.

And so do millions of others! Let us hear all of the arguments so we can make up our own minds.